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Italian for “my lady” Madonna® is a woman for every occasion who ensures that you are always in good company.


South African Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Fresh pepper with young red berries on the nose with smooth plum flavours sensually enchanting your palate ensuring a voluptuous finish.


A lighter unwooded Chardonnay with cheeky citrus and alluring golden apples
on the nose with a sensually captivating body on the palate.


A lighter Shiraz with ripe cherry, strawberry and plum tones on the nose with rich spicy flavours sensually enchanting your palate. Chic tannins ensure a smooth and lingering voluptuous finish.

Coffee Pinotage

Plush plum, voluptuous mulberry, roasted coffee and decadent cocoa tones on the nose with a sensually captivating body on the palate.

Italian Wines


Madonna® signature Prosecco designed for a life of heedless pleasure and luxury to intrigue and titillate all hedonistic wine lovers from the stylish to the sophisticated. Seductive apple nuances with white peach on the palate explode into bubbles of brilliance. Unique and innovative, best suited to the fast paced lifestyles of progressive social individuals. Madonna® signature Prosecco becomes the celebration to be presented at any glamorous occasion, taken along to any stylish affair or elegantly enjoyed at home.


Chianti is the most famous Italian wine in the world.  Madonna® Chianti is produced in the earth of Tuscany, on the hills between Vinci and Florence. Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes infuse an intense ruby-red blush and a voluptuous lasting bouquet enchanting the palate with hints of cherry and spice.

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